One Day Car Insurance

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What is One Day Car Insurance?

One day car insurance, as the name suggests, is car insurance that only lasts for a single day. The term may also refer to a car insurance policy that is renewed daily. It is generally designed for special situations, such as when you are test driving a car or borrowing someone else's car.

How Does It Work?

One day car insurance works very similarly to car insurance with a longer term policy. You begin by sending your details to an insurance company and getting a quote. Since the timespan of the cover is so short, you will most likely pay for the whole insurance policy in a single instalment. Most companies offer comprehensive temporary insurance (of which one day insurance is a type) that offers the same benefits as equivalent insurance with a longer timespan e.g. breakdown cover, payment for damages in an accident etc.

Advantages of One Day Cover

The advantages are situation specific. In other words, this kind of policy is good if you find yourself in unusual circumstances. For example, when borrowing another person's car for a single day, when test driving a car, when lending your car for one day to someone else, when hiring a car for a day-trip and so forth. In such situations, it's a lot more convenient to take out an insurance policy for the one day required than a policy that lasts for an unnecessary length of time.

One day policies can be arranged and started very quickly. They allow you to get cover when you need it and only when you need it. You have greater and more immediate control over the policy than you would with a longer term contract.

In addition, your no-claims bonus on long term policies will be unaffected if you are involved in an accident whilst under one day cover.

Disadvantages of One Day Cover

A one day policy is generally harder to get hold of than a longer term policy. You may not be able to get such cover if you're too young (under 23) or you have points on your licence. There are also fewer companies who offer this kind of policy than offer long term cover.

Despite the greater control and lower waste that if offers, a one day policy can never serve as a substitute for a long term contract. The law does not allow you, in the long term, to simply take out insurance as and when you use your car. Continuous Insurance Enforcement requires that you either insure a car for use in the long term or else formally declare it to be off road and out of use.

What to Choose?

Ultimately, it is the situation that should determine whether or not you opt for one day insurance. If you find yourself needing a one-off policy for only one day, then it makes sense to get such a policy rather than wasting your money on long term cover. If however, you are going to be using your car for an extended period, it is better (and in fact, you are legally required) to get a long term insurance policy.